‘Rally for Raven': Auction Details

The Photo Finish™ LIVE community is rallying to support the family of its remarkable and inspiring member, Amber Coleman, known fondly as SlyRaven, the owner of Blackbird Stables, who recently concluded her courageous fight with ALS.

Amber was driven by a powerful ‘Why' — her mission being to ensure her children were cared for and secure long after she was no longer there.

In her memory and to help make her hopes and dreams a reality, our community has united in an extraordinary display of solidarity and support to honor her through a community horse auction event, with all proceeds going directly to Amber's family.

Auction Date & Details

Mo Knowz will host the ‘Rally for Raven' auction on his Kick channel on March 18, starting at 6:00 p.m. Over 60 horses are currently expected to be up for grabs.

Whether you're looking to contribute through donations or by purchasing a new horse, this auction offers a meaningful way to be a part of something bigger.

Below are auction details provided by the community members who have spearheaded these supporting efforts. Thanks to Lacy, owner of Valkyrie Racing and one of Raven's closest friends in the community, for organizing these details.

Fly High, SlyRaven

Auction Timeline & Procedures

    1. Submission of Donations: The community will accept horse donation submissions with links until Wednesday, March 13, at 5 pm EST.
    2. Centralizing Donations: Third Time will compile donated horses into a central stable to hold as the community prepares for the auction. 
    3. Discord Channel Preparation: The #auction-tent Discord channel will populate horse “lots” starting March 13. 
    4. Bidding Process:
      1. Opens: Thursday, March 14, in the #auction-tent channel.
      2. Rules: No editing or deleting bids; bids in $DERBY ONLY
      3. Payment: The winning bid is payable in USDC equivalent.
      4. Registration: Complete approved buyer registration if not done already.
    5. Live Auction Finale: Scheduled for 3/18, 6 pm EST on MoKnowz's Kick Channel. Final bids received live (via Discord) and closed on stream.
    6. Winner's Payment: Winning bidders are to pay in Solana USDC 
    7. Third Time Phantom wallet: BaDsBabJVpWaUspCKdFJ896kSsdjY3sdM1UjcbfLLYsx
    8. Provide Solscan confirmation link in Discord (#charity info channel) for cross-checking.
    9. Upon verification, the horse will be marked for release to Third Time.
    10. Third Time will deliver the horse to the winner's stable after confirmation.

Monetary Donations

If you want to support Amber strictly through monetary donations, Third Time Games has organized a GoFundMe campaign and created a crypto wallet accepting funds.

All donations will be sent directly to Amber's family.