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Player Protection

Third Time Entertainment, Inc | Revision No. 1; Dec 3, 2022

Our Commitment To You

Dynamic & Authentic Virtual Horse Racing

Imagine if professional horse racing took place right inside your living room every day, and you could literally own a horse in each race. Welcome to Photo Finish™ LIVE! the world's most realistic virtual horse racing platform that bridges the gap between real and digital racehorse ownership.

Entirely Player-Owned Ecosystem

Players have the ability to buy, sell, race, make picks, and yes, even breed virtual racehorses. If you digitally own one, you can do it on any computer or device. Buy a racehorse on the open market and enter a race in a matter of just a few minutes. Build your stable dynasty by selling champion racehorses to your fellow players. Breed the next Secretariat, and watch as a line of eager breeding partners holding their wallets forms around your stud barn.

All racing and pick selection on is FAIR and VERIFIED

The trust between ourselves and you, the player, is paramount to the game continuing to grow unabated. Our race simulation algorithm exists entirely on a secure server with limited internal access, and it should be stated that MILLIONS of races have been simulated via our algorithm dating back to our Horse Racing Manager mobile game.

At the bottom of each race page, you can view the reported checksum data or "signature" for the simulations.

Our proprietary programming "library" that handles race calculation is "signed", which means that by its nature, it will change if we change anything in race math, and will not change any other time.

This signature of the data is posted automatically for every single race so you can always know for sure if / when the race simulation logic or math changes. Alongside this, we are in the process of having this signature and math independently audited, again so you (and we) can know for sure there is zero unexpected "interference" in the simulation logic.

Age Restrictions (Real Money)

You must be 21 years of age or older to be able to register and participate within the real money ecosystem.

User Limits

Players can set limits in order to help manage your play in a responsible manner. You can change your limits after a 24 hour cooldown between changes.

Account Safety & Security

When you open your account, you will select your own Username and Password. You must keep your Username and Password confidential, as you are responsible for all activity within your account. You can change your Password, when logged in, by visiting Account Settings and following the instructions on the Change Password page.

If you have lost or forgotten your Username or Password, please use our lost credentials functionality facility. For extra security on your account you can set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which requires that you enter a six-digit authentication code sent to you via Email or SMS, in addition to your username and password, each time you log into your account.

You can enable or disable MFA via My Account in the Account Settings by following the onscreen instructions. In order to enable and use this security feature you will need to be able to receive SMS messages to the phone number registered on your account.

Allowed Territories

Photo Finish™ LIVE's real money racing integration is not allowed in every locale. Over time, we plan to expand access to more and more territories as necessary compliance is reached. Below is a current map of our services in the USA. Many territories globally are allowed, but many are also locked, and this list is changing often. If you have any questions contact or reach out on Discord!

US Geolocked Map