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Crown Weekly: Road to Artemis

So, did anyone do anything fun over the weekend? Yeah, us neither.

If you're new to the program — and it appears many of you are — let this piece of the internet formally introduce itself: hello, hi, and welcome to the CROWN Weekly, your Monday morning Photo Finish™ LIVE pacesetter for the week ahead.

Here, we quickly rehash what happened last week before we dive into what to watch for this week.

We also make it a habit of keeping things brief so you can spend less time reading and more time racing. So let's get to it.

Welcome newcomers and veterans alike to this week's edition of the CW.

About Last Week

de//alpha Spaces

A few weeks ago, we moved toward making CROWN Weekly more forward-looking content. Who has time to talk about ancient history, which is basically what five days ago represents in Web3? 

But, we're making an exception here because, holy shit, hang Saturday night's de//alpha Spaces featuring Third Time CEO & Founder Ian Cummings in the Louvre! 

That's the one. If you want to share a piece of content with your non-believer or unaware friends and family, you tell them to block out 90 minutes and open up their earholes. 

Haven't yet listened to it? Click here to fix that.

Monday Mayhem

Eight races with a 2,000 $DERBY horse pick subsidy added? That should get your week off to a good start! 

In Photo Finish™ LIVE, there are no weekends. But if there were anything close to resembling a break, it would be Sunday, the day following each week's Major Race. 

We don't take kindly to ‘breaks' around here, so to ensure each Monday re-ignites a fire under our collective asses, we cooked up Monday Mayhem, another Doughboy wagering joint. 

Don't have a case of the Monday's. Get involved in the Mayhem here. 

Singapore Racing Club

Photo Finish™ is already worldwide, but in 2024, the sound of keyboard buttons clicking and bullish tweets will be transformed from online into IRL, beginning with the first-ever Singapore Racing Club meet-up hosted by BONK Raceway owner and all-around PFL OG, OEB Racing & Breeding. 

The Singapore Racing Club is set to meet on March 6 at a VIP venue in one of the most luxurious countries on the planet – because that's just how the Photo Finish™ community is attacking things in 2024. 

More details will come soon, but we can't wait to see OEB lead the charge and put on a show for this year's first IRL meet-up. 

After Dark

If you're new here – and, judging by the number, many of you are – you should get acquainted with two of the juiciest and sexiest words in all of Photo Finish – After Dark.

After Dark takes place twice a week – once on Tuesday night, hosted live on Twitch by DoughBoy, and on Friday night, live on Kick with Mo Knowz and Fib. 

What is After Dark? It's your chance to grab horse picks by the tail and yank the $DERBY they offer back into your account, all condensed into the two most potent wager-heavy nights of action Photo Finish™ has to provide weekly.

The action kicks off this Tuesday with DoughBoy After Dark.

 Click here to enter your horse in the action and make a horse pick. 

The After Dark madness continues on Friday when Mo Knowz and Third Time Fib take the Kick stage. 

Click here to enter or make a horse pick for Friday night's action.

The Road to the Artemis Cup

This week, we focus our attention on the Road to the Artemis Cup!

For those new here, if you want to participate in the weekly Major Race, you must first qualify. That is done by participating in as many qualifier points races as possible to get you to the Top 20 on the leaderboard and thus clinch a spot in the big race.

Click here to check out the entire week of qualifier point races.