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Staking is a complex process...if you need help, you've found the right place!

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Use this tool to view the blockchain history of every PFP and Wallet and Cardinal staking.

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CROWN allocated over 2 years
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Total Minutes this PFP was Staked on Cardinal
Cardinal Alloc.
Total CROWN Cardinal SHOULD have paid for staking rewards
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Total CROWN Cardinal ACTUALLY paid for staking rewards
Cardinal Owed
How much CROWN user is owed from Cardinal underpayment
Top Up Min.
How many minutes PFP missed out on due to Cardinal shutdown
Top Up Owed
CROWN earned if PFP was staked for Missing Minutes
Total Owed
Total CROWN owed from underpayment and missing stake time
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staking?

Staking is the process by which a player can lock up their NFT for rewards. You can think of it as sending your Stylish Stud or Marvelous Mare out on a mining expedition. On their adventure, they mine the $CROWN token and return it to you.

How Are The Rewards Determined?

Every Photo Finish PFP has a $CROWN allocation field in their metadata that you can see on the blockchain. This corresponds to the total amount of $CROWN they are due from the staking period, which began on March 22, 2023 and ends on March 21, 2025. It should be noted that this allocation is not guaranteed. Any time that the PFP is not staked, it is not earning $CROWN and has lost that opportunity forever.

How Do I Stake?

Staking is a straightforward process. First, you need to go to the staking page on our platform. Then, select the NFT you want to stake and click on the Stake button. Follow the prompts to confirm the transaction in your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, your NFT will be staked and you will start earning $CROWN tokens.

What Happens When I Unstake?

When you unstake your NFT, it will no longer earn $CROWN tokens. The tokens that have been earned up to that point will be automatically added to your wallet. Please note that once you unstake, you cannot reclaim the $CROWN tokens that could have been earned during the time your NFT was unstaked.

Can I Restake After Unstaking?

Yes, you can restake your PFP after unstaking. However, keep in mind that the time your PFP was unstaked is lost and you cannot earn $CROWN tokens for that period.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Staking?

Yes, there are fees associated with staking. For every staking and unstaking transaction, there is a gas fee to handle the transfer on the Solana blockchain, as well as a .002 SOL fee per PFP. Always double check the fees before confirming the transaction!

How Often Does My PFP Earn?

Rewards are earned by your PFP on a daily basis. You can check back every 24 hours and claim your $CROWN tokens.

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