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Season 15 Superfecta Scratch-Off Minting NOW LIVE

Let's run the Superfecta back!

By now, you've heard that the Photo Finish™ LIVE Superfecta tickets minted before the Kentucky Derby did not win the grand prize, but good news—we're rerunning the contest with a twist, and your tickets are again eligible to win a share of $100,000 worth of $CROWN! 

Nearly 30,000 of the 116,000-plus possible Superfecta ticket combinations were claimed in the lead-up to Derby weekend. Despite the excitement, no tickets matched the winning IRL Kentucky Derby finish combination: 3-2-11-4.

No winners, no problem: We planned for this! We're bringing the Superfecta back at least ten times. 

Check out the full details of the much-anticipated return of the Superfecta below. 

Season 15 Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway

The Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway returns beginning with the Season 15 Virtual Kentucky Derby on Saturday, June 1.

Minting of fresh Superfecta tickets will resume on Tuesday, May 28. Everyone — yes, everyone — is eligible to jump back in and mint three fresh tickets. 

Here's the new Superfecta twist: Rather than a single $100,000 giveaway, we're re-igniting the giveaway games by awarding $10,000 worth of $CROWN to anyone holding a winning S15 VKD Superfecta ticket. The prize pot will grow progressively each week until $100,000 is awarded. 

TL;DR: Rather than having one Superfecta winner, we're extending the games for at least ten more seasons, giving you up to ten more chances to win free $CROWN!  

Click here to mint your Superfecta tickets.

Below is a breakdown of the important dates of each season's Superfecta giveaway:

Season Mint open Mint close Race date Claim deadline
15 5/13/24 6/1/24 6/1/24 6/7/24
16 6/10/24 6/29/24 6/29/24 7/5/24
17 7/8/24 7/27/24 7/27/24 8/2/24
18 8/5/24 8/24/24 8/24/24 8/30/24
19 9/2/24 9/21/24 9/21/24 9/27/24
20 9/30/24 10/19/24 10/19/24 10/25/24
21 10/28/24 11/16/24 11/16/24 11/22/24
22 11/25/24 12/14/24 12/14/24 12/20/24
23 12/23/24 1/11/25 1/11/25 1/17/25
24 1/20/25 2/8/25 2/8/25 2/14/25

This is only the beginning of the incredible value your Superfecta tickets hold. Keep them safe, continue collecting, and stay tuned for even more opportunities to win!

Click here to read the full rules of the Season 15 Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway.

Get in the Game

Did you register during the initial Superfecta Giveaway but haven't gotten into the action on the tracks yet? Now is the time to get involved!

Dive into the game and increase your chances of winning a Superfecta prize in the coming weeks. We plan to raise the stakes each season for those actively participating in the Photo Finish™ ecosystem.

With Season 15 heating up, we're calling all 20,000 of our newest members to get involved. That includes everything from buying and staking $CROWN for track ownership to making horse picks, buying, and competing on the tracks. 

Quick Where to Start Guide: 

  • Beginner: Purchase and stake $CROWN to earn a portion of Season 15's track revenues—over $760,000 was distributed last season alone! Over $4.6 million has been paid to track owners all-time: $CROWN is king. 
  • Intermediate: Play the virtual ponies by watching our wagering-focused After Dark on Tuesdays and Fridays for wagering tips on the live action happening during the stream—bet as little as 80 $DERBY($1!) to start building your bankroll. 
  • Advanced: Acquire a horse from our marketplace and qualify for the Rookie Rally series, where you can participate in private races with real-money prizes without any entry fee!

Superfecta is BACK ON! Stay tuned for more updates each season.