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Ovation Update: Checking-In on the $50,000 Photo Finish™ Foal

In November, we caught up with The Commish from Solanaut Stables to chat about his team's recent record-breaking $50,000 purchase of the racehorse Ovation. 

Back then, the eye-popping transaction between Solanaut Stables and the seller, RVA Racing, stopped the game in its tracks and has had players buzzing. A few months later, with one breeding season in the books, we decided it was a good time to check in to see how the massive acquisition had gone.

According to Commish, the answer to that question is pretty, pretty, prettttttty well

“Ovation has been the belle of the ball since he arrived,” Commish says, adding that the team let the famous colt stretch his legs on the tracks for one season before securing his spot in the breeding barn for seasons to come.   

“We sent him to the track 17 times as a juvenile, and he performed well, posting a 53% podium rate.” Ovation brought home over 162,000 $DERBY in Season 10 racing, or roughly 9,500 per start. 

Commish says the impressive — yet cautious — performance on the tracks bolstered and solidified Ovation's worth as a top-tier racehorse in the breeding barn, where he was in high demand in Season 11, his first available breeding season. 

Upon retirement in Season 11, Ovation received an immediate 20 covers from various mares, generating an estimated $30,000 for Solanaut Stables. 

“We pushed the envelope a bit on pricing to capitalize on early benefits,” Commish explained, adding, “Among the covered mares were six in-house breeds from Solanaut's stable, featuring six of the stable's best girls: Delta, Red Velvet, Oyster, Propane, Drama, and Diva.

We are excited about all six,  but the three the there we are REALLY excited for are Delta, Red Velvet, and Oyster,” Commish says 

“Moving his bloodlines to Left Dirt and Left Turf was always the plan and will allow us to make a shortcut to the top of the food chain in those archetypes.  We don't have to build from the bottom anymore.”

Commish says the ultimate prize is always the Kentucky Derby crown, which Ovation's offspring will be after for years.

“One more generation and we expect to bring new, unique, powerful, dominant stud options to the Virtual Kentucky Derby contending stables and more. 

Reflecting on the $50,000 price tag, Solanaut Stables shares that while the stable has recouped some of the costs and brought in new elite horses to its stable, they believe the heavy price was a fair market value at the time. 

“I wouldn't call it a bargain, but only would we do it again; we are actively looking for new opportunities to continue adding firepower to the barn.” 

To those anxious to reserve a cover in the breeding bard with Ovation in coming seasons, Commish says his bloodlines will be up for grabs, with next season's price estimated to be 160,000 $DERBY, 36 percent cheaper than the last season. So get your horses and your DERBY ready. 

Ultimately, the biggest deal in Photo Finish™ LIVE's history has worked out quite well for the buyer. With many soon to benefit from a uniquely talented horse.

Another successful horse business deal is in the books, with many more to come.