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New Show: ‘Stable to Stardom' Debuts

The Photo Finish™ LIVE community is expanding its content with the debut of a brand new show, “Stable to Stardom,” – a stream dedicated to documenting and supporting the rise from newcomer to podium mainstay. 

Set to premiere tonight, we checked in with the hosts, Brody and Mark, to give the community a quick glimpse of what to expect from the duo as they kick off the new show. 

When and where can people watch “Stable to Stardom”?

The show will air on Wednesday nights at 7 PM CST/8 PM EST.

Initially, it will be broadcast on Kick and Twitter, with plans to expand to Twitch, YouTube, Rumble, and other platforms soon.

What will the main focus of “Stable to Stardom” be?

We want to create a mix of entertaining and educational Photo Finish content—a little of everything.

The idea is to start a new stable, take viewers along for the journey, and give them the best tools possible to be successful themselves.

We also plan to give viewers a glimpse into our stables and what's ahead.

What inspired the launch of this show, and how will it complement the existing Photo Finish content?

Our love for the Photo Finish ecosystem inspired us to start this show. We're both avid players and have been in the community for quite a long time.

We admire the content created by other creators and believe “Stable to Stardom” will inspire more people to engage with Photo Finish, enriching the community's content and streaming offerings.

As a content creator with a built-in large following, do you think this show will attract a broader audience to Photo Finish?

Absolutely! Many people around us want to know more about Photo Finish but haven't leaped to dive in.

We also see a future where people find this show just because they like horse racing. Going multi-platform, we hope to garner a noncrypto audience as the show grows.

Can viewers expect the same excitement and entertainment you've previously shown in the PFL community?

One-hundred percent. That was just a tiny glimpse of the fantastic and entertaining content we can bring.

As content creators, the concept of virality is always in our minds. We aim to create as many extremely memorable Photo Finish moments as possible.

You made an infamous promise to get a Photo Finish™ tattoo. Is that still a thing? If so, will it be featured on the show?

The tattoo plan is still on

I'm looking for a new tattoo artist comfortable with live-streaming the session. Once that's sorted, it will be a feature on “Stable to Stardom.”

What are your future visions for “Stable to Stardom”? What would an ideal show look like?

We see a future where hundreds of horse racing lovers are tuning in weekly to participate in this show! 

An ideal future is taking our new stable, qualifying, and winning one of the four major races.

Don't miss the debut of “Stable to Stardom” on Wednesday, March 8, at 8 PM EST, 1 AM UTC.