Happy Anniversary, $CROWN!

March 22, 2023: Season 1 officially begins. Cardinal Staking opens. 

Sometimes it feels like a year has blown by, other times it feels like I've aged 20 years in the past 1. Both are true. I wanted to take a brief moment to talk about some present and future plans of $CROWN briefly as we close in on the 1 year mark.


First off, a new $CROWN is emerging. The CROWN Foundation, a new entity in Grand Cayman, has arrived and has created a new version of the $CROWN token that supports Token-22 (aka Token Extensions). You can dive deeper on why this is happening and how you can eventually upgrade your $CROWN tokens at https://the-crown-foundation.org


As described on the main CROWN page (https://photofinish.live/crown) since the beginning, many have seen the team and investors hitting a 50% supply unlock happening on March 22. Obviously we are very excited to be rewarded for all of our hard work thus far after years of grinding with low / no salaries and eating ramen. However, it felt worthwhile to share exactly what's happening with all the accounts here to keep transparency high, as that is a core tenet of ours.

Employee Treasury (10.97M)

Employee allocations are being transferred out of the single treasury into separate locked multi-sig accounts. When complete you can see the transaction here.

Team Treasury (26.34M)

The team treasury is earmarked for a few uses.

  • One is to fund marketing, bounties, and other community initiatives unique to Third Time.
  • Two is to fund operations through OTC deals (with vesting terms) if deemed necessary.
  • Third is to utilize for staking on tracks within the game, however this we aren't planning on doing in large amounts as we don't want to cause major damage to the current yield setup.
  • Last is to always maintain as an equity pool for future hires, employee retention bonus plans, etc

In summary, we have zero plans to market sell this CROWN.

Seed Round Investor Wallets

These investor wallets have been multi-sig wallets managed by Squads from the start. Each of the below wallets technically have the option to exercise their warrant and receive 50% of their allocation on March 22. We don't speak for most investors and honestly don't know what they're going to do with their unlocks. Regardless, you can see these wallets below.

  • 12,500,000 – HQkWfsLrbmqB9AWX8cLSEDqgUkoCi9BtBwHPrLVu74aL
  • 2,500,000 – AMkBqR9B3JSd35Z2XafZEy7hw8En3Xx1rB8LHFAKDMfZ
  • 2,250,000 – 3MtT4M47iNCfAz8wPHv6PvLaituBKJQWuto1JmCXxboE
  • 750,000 – Czf5zahECbgeSS3FNXvehiabeqSTyVEfanBZ2pP1QadD
  • 750,000 – C1rmndfhNDg5GydDH5zD7228E23pG3TeD17C4hDhL2YU
  • 400,000 – CipDbe5Pu3frzzaoGaiWME1V2kgPe5eCw5FdEtcpn7P2
  • 250,000 – GzWjs56UP6i7t6VSf6PFvqTqbFvkjKuwgGRsMUFyVqug
  • 125,000 – 8QNZpvBBNvSkwVD4hWp6feCz1ZexCdYtqPgSBtueBXi5

One year of CROWN


We're so excited for the future, and mostly because we get to continue to be transparent and aligned with all of you – our amazing player base!

Onwards, Upwards.

Ian Cummings, Founder / CEO