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Crown Weekly: Run for the Roses

Life is all about having something to look forward to. Something you go to bed and wake up thinking about.

For everyone involved in Photo Finish™ and the entire horse racing world, the date we've circled on our calendars has arrived: May 4, 2024, the 150th Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby is Christmas in May for horse racing enthusiasts in an average year, but the 150th milestone hits differently.

For our Photo Finish™ community, this moment has been something we've all been working toward for some time.

A year ago, when Third Time Games signed a multi-year partnership with Churchill Downs that made Photo Finish™ LIVE an Official Gaming Partner of the Kentucky Derby, this date was already top of mind.

Now that it's arrived, we could not be more thrilled with where we've been, where we currently sit, and where we're headed.

Let's jump into what will undoubtedly be a monumental week in Photo Finish™ history.

Superfecta: Win $100,000 in $CROWN! 

The secret is out! This past week,  Photo Finish™ LIVE announced full details of the $100,000 SuperFecta Scratch-Off event – a chance for all of Web3 to have a rooting interest in the historic 150th Kentucky Derby happening on May 4! 

With the help of our friends at Coinbase on the BASE network, anyone and everyone who creates a PFL account can quickly secure three (3) Superfecta tickets for their chance at the grand prize. 

While only some of these people will immediately engage with the game, having them within our ecosystem will allow us to communicate better and more efficiently by getting them involved in the tracks and rewarding them. 

Superfecta tickets are more than just a one-time chance at big money. They're a pass to exclusive events, giveaways, and partnerships we have lined up for the rest of 2024. 

Tell a friend – Superfecta is a no-brainer. If you haven't already, mint yours here

If you need help figuring out how to mint your Superfecta tickets, NFTLeano has you covered here.

Last Week's Content Highlights

Beginner's Guide to Photo Finish™

JGWeb3 and Poseidon Racing hosted beginner-focused Spaces to give newcomers the basic understanding needed to go from creating a stable to making the initial decisions in their Horse Business journey.

Catch the replay here.

How to Stake $CROWN

Are you new to Photo Finish™ and wondering how to participate in the $CROWN staking everyone talks about so much? NFT Leano put together a video detailing step-by-step what it takes to turn your $CROWN tokens into a monthly payout of $DERBY.

Click here to watch How to Stake $CROWN.

Bryce's Discord Notes

If you don't have time to sit in Discord all week and catch every bit of news, don't worry; that's why we have Bryce, the greatest community manager known to man, to report back to you weekly with some Discord Notes!

Here are the top bullet points from the desk of Bryce this week:

  • This week, a new changelog tab will be launched to ensure updates are more visible to everyone, not just Discord members. This tab will feature updates such as a Breeding Update for Season 15, the Rising Stars series moving to the third Thursday, and various UI/UX improvements.
  • If you haven't been participating with the 50-plus other stables in the Discord pick-em events, join us! These events offer a chance to win horses from the Boss stable and enhance your knowledge about real-life and PFL picks. Get involved with the Monday Mayhem and After Dark picks this week!
  • Photo Finish™ is taking suggestions for a new event to be held on the first Saturday of each month on Discord. We'd love to hear what you have in mind.
  • Due to the Derby week, I expect to have limited availability on Discord, but I'll be available for urgent issues.
  • The schedule for season 15 is now posted, including the Virtual Kentucky Derby at 11 pm EST.

Virtual Kentucky Derby 

The Run for the Roses is underway!

The granddaddy of them all is here—Season 14's Virtual Kentucky Derby has arrived, which can mean only one thing—the PFJC and Third Time team are headed out in full force to Kentucky to experience the thrills and excitement of the 150th Kentucky Derby on May 4. 

As a reminder — this week's Virtual Kentucky Derby has been moved to 11:00 p.m. to ensure the team and community can get back to an afterparty location following the IRL race for a live stream that is sure to be as chaotic as it is memorable.

Which stable will take home the biggest race in Photo Finish™ history? If there was ever a time to throw your hat in the Derby leaderboard ring, this is the week to do it.

Click here to etch your name in PFL history by qualifying your horses for the Season 14 Virtually Kentucky Derby.