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CROWN Weekly: Road to the Derby

It's Virtual Kentucky Derby week!

The final stretch of Season 11's track is upon us as Photo Finish™ enters the final week of the current season. In a few short days, the game of the Kentucky Derby will crown another Road to the Derby champion, thus etching another name in web3 gaming lore.

This week's Crown Weekly gets you all caught up on last week's highlights and prepared for the big pillars of a huge coming week.

You in? Let's ride.

Last Week's Highlights

PFL LIVE Spaces: Monday, February 5

PFL Live is back for another fun-filled event, as the Third Time's Ryan and Bryce co-host a Monday morning Spaces. This week, the boys are joined by community members and founder Liberty Tree, who will learn how newbies can utilize his third-party tool to learn more about wagering action available and the horses involved.

Don't miss the show. You might learn about some alpha if you hang around long enough!

Learn to Play Updates

Great news: The Learn to Play section has massively improved!

Over the last few weeks, our team has coordinated with some special community members to update and improve our onboarding section with a flow of materials that inform and educate new players and work as a resource center for even the most experienced, stable owners.

If you have a friend or family looking to learn more about Photo Finish™, make sure to keep this link handy to share!

After Dark

Tuesday, February 6, 8:00-10:00 p.m. EST: DoughBoy After Dark

The wagering wars kick off this week with another edition of DoughBoy After Dark. As he does each week, DoughBoy has a full slate of races, juiced to the fullest with DERBY courtesy of Photo Finish™.

Click here to access all of this week's DoughBoy After Dark races.

Friday. February 9, 8:00-10:00 pm. EST: Mo Knowz After Dark

Looking to cap your week with some juice? Mo Knowz has you covered with his weekly After Dark end-cap.

As always, Mo will be joined by Third Time Games Community Manager Fib.

Click here to access all of this week's Degen After Dark races.


The Road to the Derby

Another trip around the Photo Finish™ sun concludes with Saturday night's Season 11's Virtual Kentucky Derby!

If you want to be one of the 20 lucky stables participating in the $7,000 Kentucky Derby, you'll first have a road ahead to trek. A Road to the Derby, to be exact.

Qualifying races for the Season 11 Derby are underway, so if you believe you have a horse worthy of the grandest honor in Web3 gaming, step right up and secure your points all week.

Click here to access the Derby qualifying races page.