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Crown Weekly: Back to Horse Business

What can be said to aptly sum up the life-changing experience that was Churchill Downs this past weekend?

It will be nearly impossible, but we'll try to accomplish it for this entire week and likely until next year.

Third Time Games is overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as we attempt to fully grasp the memories we took home from last weekend's gathering at the historic 150th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. 

From team bonding RV rides to community meet-ups and the race days, we couldn't have scripted a better experience if we tried. We've been eagerly anticipating this gathering for over a year, and it certainly met our highest expectations.

May 4, 2024, will forever be remembered as a significant milestone in our journey—a time when the growth of our community was palpable, the enthusiasm for our game reached new heights, and the future of Photo Finish™ LIVE couldn't look brighter.

The weekend vividly displayed the passion and dedication each of you brings to our community.

From the thunderous cheers and high-fives at Churchill Downs to the shared moments of joy, camaraderie, and adult beverages, we made memories that will last a lifetime. 

This was our jumping-off point. And if last weekend was just the beginning, we can't imagine the places we will go.

The Track Ahead

As this week rolls on, we will take a moment to decompress and share some of our favorite footage, pictures, and memories from our time together.

If you have some great footage or pictures you'd like to toss in the Photo Finish™ memories vault, drop them in the shared community Google Drive that will be used to assemble everything from recaps this week to marketing assets.

Click here to access the Community Kentucky Derby Google Drive.

Winning Superfecta Ticket WAS NOT Minted

As much of a success as the $100,000 Superfecta Scratch-Off Giveaway was, unfortunately, the winning ticket was not amongst the less than 30,000 minted tickets.

With over 116,000 tickets available, it was always possible that the winning ticket wouldn't pop out of the roll — just like real-life scratch-off tickets.

For those of you keeping score at home, the winning Superfecta ticket would have been 3-2-11-4.

Luckily, we figured this could happen because of math, and thus, we have a few options we're considering. As much as we would have preferred to make news by giving away $100,000 worth of CROWN, alternative options in place will ensure both the chances at winning and marketing goals march on far past May 4.

TL;DR: You'll want to keep all your Superfecta tickets for the rest of this year.

As the team reassembles post-Derby, we'll make a definitive decision and will announce plans shortly.

DeStables 2025 Kentucky Derby Giveaway

We're not sure if Aaaron from DeStables was literally still buzzing from his experience at this year's Kentucky Derby or if the experience changed him forever, but the insane promotion the DeStables squad just launched tends to make us believe it's a bit of both.

On the heels of the 150th Kentucky Derby, DeStables has launched a promotion that promises to send one lucky person who uses their referral code to create a Photo Finish™ account to next year's Run for the Roses, all expenses paid.

Legitimately, it's the most remarkable thing we've ever seen.

Let your friends and family know your referral code is cool, but DeStables has a crazy deal running that will send them to the 2025 Kentucky Derby.

Horse Business: No Days Off

Beyond just memories, stay tuned for plenty of exciting news about how we plan to leverage the incredible momentum gained during the Derby to catapult Photo Finish™ LIVE into an even more thrilling future.

We've got everything from news on what to expect next, from the Superfecta Scratch-Off to BONK Week, which is happening shortly.

For now, though, our focus shifts to FOAL'S DAY and the kickoff of Season 15's Breeding season. 

If you want to hear everything from Derby stories straight from the horse's mouth (Bryce!) to a Foal's Day-Season 15 preview, listen to our Spaces happening live on X this Monday at 10:00 a.m. EST/2 p.m. UTC.

Click here to listen to the Season 15 Foal's Day Tailgate.

Once again, thank you for being an integral part of this journey.

Your passion fuels our commitment to making Photo Finish™ LIVE the best possible.