$CROWN Listed on MEXC Exchange

Third Time Games is excited to announce that $CROWN, the utility token utilized within the Photo Finish™ LIVE virtual horse racing ecosystem, will be available on the globally popular MEXC exchange beginning on March 12, 14:00 UTC.

Adding $CROWN to the MEXC exchange not only marks a significant step in our mission to make $CROWN easily accessible to a global audience but also signifies the measure of growth the token has enjoyed since its launch a year ago.  

About MEXC Exchange

Founded in 2018, MEXC stands out as a low-fee, high-performance, centralized exchange known for its mega transaction matching technology. 

With a presence in over 170 countries and regions and catering to over 10 million users, MEXC is a global powerhouse in the crypto exchange world. This makes it a perfect home for what has quickly become one of the world's leading gaming utility tokens. 

MEXC's commitment to providing a high-performance trading engine that handles 1.4 million transactions per second ensures that $CROWN's integration will be smooth, efficient, and secure. 

MEXC also offers localized language support for investors from different countries, making it easier for them to trade.

$CROWN: The Next Step

On the cusp of its first anniversary since launch, the addition of $CROWN availability to the MEXC exchange is just Third Time Games' most recent step in broadening the token's reach. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the $CROWN token being added to the world's leading crypto exchange markets. 

How to Trade $CROWN