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YSM Racing and Mo Knowz Photo Finish™ LIVE Auction Surpasses One-Million in $DERBY Sales

On Thursday, September 14, the Photo Finish™ LIVE community auction house again swung its doors wide open, as host YSM Racing and beloved auctioneer Mo Knowz brought the exciting live bidding action back to Twitch for another dedicated stream aimed at matching PFL horses with new owners.

The second rendition of the duo’s live auction series featured multiple attractive over-the-counter deals, with 14 horses ultimately changing hands, fetching combined sales of over one million $DERBY, equivalent to over $12,500.

As an added incentive to participate in the bidding wars and a way to support our incredible content creators, Third Time Games announced donating $CROWN to the auction before the sale.

These funds were utilized as buyer rebates on all sales, and for those unsold horses, rebates were redirected to Mo as a token of appreciation for his exceptional auctioneer services.

According to YSM, each buyer would receive a $CROWN rebate of between 5% and 13% of their purchase price at the time of the auction.

Auction Results

The auction featured a diverse selection of horses, each with unique qualities and preferences. Below is a look at the results:

  1. Unforgivable
    • Grade: A+ Colt
    • Purchase Price: 29,000 $DERBY
  2. Moondancer
    • Grade: A-
    • Purchase Price: 62,000 $DERBY
  3. Foal of Liberty
    • Grade: S Filly
    • Purchase Price: 260,000 $DERBY
  4. Shake It Up
    • Grade: A Colt
    • Purchase Price: 22,000 $DERBY
  5. Foal of Dragonborn
    • Grade: A Colt
    • Purchase Price: 17,500 $DERBY
  6. Tina
    • Grade: S- Filly
    • Purchase Price: 75,000 $DERBY
  7. Solbear
    • Grade: A+ Colt
    • Purchase Price: 34,000 $DERBY
  8. Foal of Stiletto
    • Grade: S- Filly
    • Purchase Price: 80,000 $DERBY
  9. Runneth Over
    • Grade: S- Filly
    • Purchase Price: 76,000 $DERBY
  10. Foal of Gelato
    • Grade: A+ Filly
    • Purchase Price: 110,000 $DERBY
  11. Golden Gate
    • Grade: A+ Filly
    • Purchase Price: 67,000 $DERBY
  12. Foal of Astrid
    • Grade: S- Filly
    • Purchase Price: 90,000 $DERBY
  13. Foal of Bahamian
    • Grade: S Colt
    • Purchase Price: 71,000 $DERBY
  14. Foal of Vera
    • Grade: A Colt
    • Purchase Price: 24,000 $DERBY

Congratulations to YSM and Mo for hosting a highly successful auction show!

Just a friendly reminder: after the auctions wrap up, it’s up to the buyer and seller to handle the transfer on the market independently. Neither YSM, Mo, nor the Third Time Games team is involved in this process.

For a full review of all the auction results, visit the auction-tent channel in the Photo Finish™ LIVE Discord.