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Win a Free Horse: Introducing the First-Timers Furlong Series

Photo Finish™ LIVE is taking training wheels off of the Trainer Horses — introducing the First-Timers Furlong Series!

Everyone has always received a free Trainer Horse in their stable upon sign-up, but until now, those horses were purely meant for educational and practice purposes. As of today, that's all changed.

Let's dive into how Trainer Horses just got a lot more interesting.

First-Timers Furlong Series

Trainer Horses are a great tool for new players to utilize when joining Photo Finish™ LIVE. These completely free and ready-to-name ‘practice' versions of the real thing provide an easy avenue to help quickly learn the interface, how to explore preferences and distances, and the skill of “dialing in” a horse.
Historically, Trainer Horses were only used to test the waters and had no real utility within the real money side of the game- until now. Beginning in Season 10, your free horse now races for real stakes!
New players can now stack up Trainer Points to move up the Trainer Points leaderboard, with the top point earner each season winning themselves a 2-year-old colt at the start of the next season. Then, with your real horse ready to race immediately, you can earn real $DERBY and $CROWN stimmies, taking the first step towards your legacy in Photo Finish™ LIVE.

How do I win?

The first step to winning a free real horse based on your Training Horse's performance is to create an account!

Once you're in, you only need to name your Trainer Horse and hit the tracks to throw yourself into the running for a real money horse.

In effect, racing your free Trainer Horse now matters; each free race still has the Trainer Points you can win, but a pot of gold has been added to the end of the leaderboard in the form of a real two-year-old colt prize.

By winning the Furlong Series, the free real colt, you can immediately enter real money Juvenile races and jump into earning $CROWN stimmies and, hopefully, $DERBY purse prizes.

That's not all — in addition to the first-place grand prize winner, every other horse in the Top 20 of the Trainer Horse leaderboard will be entered into a wheel spin on Day 1 of the new season for a 2-year-old colt.

Tiebreakers & Fine Print

  • If multiple horses are tied at the top of the leaderboard, they will all receive a prize horse.
  • If you have multiple trainers available (it's a rare bug), notify the team immediately so you can have one removed.
  • If we see any in the Top 20 with multiple trainer horses, one will be removed, and you will be disqualified from that month's eligibility.
  • KYC must be filled out to be eligible to win a horse.
  • You can own horses and still run in the series (though we do ask veterans of the game to help keep this as intended as onboarding for newer/smaller stables)
  • Any attempt to stack/coordinate an outcome of a free race is strictly forbidden.
  • Suppose a Trainer horse wins a horse. It will be subsequently retired, so it can't win again. A replacement Trainer will be sent.
  • Note: Players can now swap Trainer Horses; if your trainer horse is retired or you want to swap them out for a different horse, you can now do so.


The activation of Trainer Horse utility is just another piece of the puzzle for what is programmed to be a monumental year for Photo Finish™.

With marketing, partnership, and sponsor outreach ramping up, providing many accessible entry points into the game will be a paramount goal in the New Year.

Let's see those Trainer Horses in action!