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New Feature Release: Scratches!

We've just released a brand new update that's been long-requested by the community: “Scratches”!

A ‘scratch' is just a different way to say 'back out of the race'. We know many times you've accidentally entered a horse into the wrong race on accident with no recourse. Well, now you can simply pay a $CROWN ‘scratch fee' and get your entire $DERBY entry fee refunded!

What will we, Third Time, do with the $CROWN we collect? Who knows! Lock it up, use it for future stimmies, raffle it, add it to prize pools or giveaways…the world is our oyster. If there's one thing we all know it's that giving $CROWN more real utility and impact is always a good thing. So keep a look out as we'll be rolling out more ideas in this vein soon.

See you on the track!