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Meet the Teams: Stables Offering Partial Ownership Opportunites

Where there is smoke, there is fire. As of late, the Photo Finish™ sign-up page has been ablaze with a particular kind of new stable owner emerging on the scene.

Teams are forming — in some circles, referred to as DAOs or syndicates. These groups pool money and resources to form a stable with a shared mission to dominate the Photo Finish™ tracks.

Teams, of course, aren't a new thing. eSports is built on the back of gamers joining forces and sharing the success of their performances. But in the Web3-crypto world, the word ‘DAO' is thrown around as a fancy saying: We're together on this. 

In March, before Photo Finish™ live launched, we profiled the DeGod's PFL racing syndicate, DeStables, and their journey from a group that decided to grab some virtual horses together to a serious operation.

Since then, things have escalated a bit.

Before diving into a list of some of the newest PFL groups that have popped up to build stables together, DeStables is back with an origin story update and advice to new players coming in.

DeStables originated from an idea within the DeGods alpha chat in early 2022 to pool resources for a dominant stable. Founder Aaron highlights that DeStables' money raise horizon “was long.” Over a few months, they raised around $150,000 and began plotting their attack.

DeStables says their assets could reach over seven figures in the current marketplace. They own 182 top-rated horses and ~10% of the Golden Empire Casino track, generating significant income each season.

Aaron attributes their success to a high-conviction bet on the Photo Finish™ ecosystem, noting he saw the Photo Finish™ vision early and convinced many others to join in, knowing how much of a long-term play it was.

While a proper branch of DeGods itself, Aaron and the DeStables crew stress that the game's enjoyment goes beyond success beyond profits.

“It's fun to watch the races with your friends; it's fun to talk about. Building relationships and meeting great people within the Photo Finish community.”

While no longer fundraising, DeStables is open to all, contrary to its initial exclusivity to DeGods owners. They've recently launched an initiative letting others enjoy the fun.

“Our “DeStable Coins” are currently tradable on Magic Eden,” Aaron shares, adding that while virtual horse tracing is speculative, any profits will be shared with holders.

“Our coins represent ownership in the stable; most of our profits will flow back to these holders.

Meet the Newcomers

Below is a list of teams that have responded to those asking where they can join Photo Finish™ forces. While we can make no recommendations or vouch for anyone, awareness is key, and at the end of the day, it's always good to know what others are up to and what options are on the table.

Check out these teams that claim to soon come for the DeStables crown.

Defi Bookie


DeFi Bookie is a DAO that offers shares in their stable, with a fundraising goal of around $30,000. They encourage community members with at least 5 of their NFTs staked to participate. The DAO plans to involve the community in decision-making processes related to purchasing, staking, racing, and more.


“Right now, we are offering shares in our stable for $250 a piece to members of our community who have at least 5 of our NFTs staked. We will raise funds for a couple more days; we have already raised 40k. Our community is already very bullish on PFL, so it was a no-brainer for us to get involved.”

How to Join:

Members can join by purchasing shares in the stable for $250 and staking at least five of DeFi Bookie's NFTs.



Reborn, owned by Sol Cultures, initially served as a passive investment fund before transitioning into a PFL syndicate. Now, they're establishing an in-house stable and offering a way in for outsides, even as spots are limited.

The group emphasizes its success with a proven strategy, collective investment focus, and a community of committed members.


“We've already succeeded with a Photo Finish strategy, so we're going in with a proven model. We have always been a group investment fund focusing on investing and sharing profit collectively, so this isn't new to us. Cool group of diamond-handed mfers already in.”

How to Join:

Interested individuals can contact the group on Twitter concerning shares when available. The proceeds contribute to building their new stable.



Banditos is a rapidly growing DAO that raised nearly $40,000 in less than 48 hours. They aim to acquire top-tier PFL assets, race at the highest levels, and champion the PFL brand.

The DAO has specific requirements for joining Bandito Stables, including ownership of Gen2 and/or Gen3 Solana Monke Business with the sombrero attribute. They plan a “hostile takeover” of Photo Finish™ on January 1.


“We aim to acquire top-tier PFL assets and maintain a stable of colts who race at the highest levels of competition and fillies breeding the best of the best future race champions and mares.”

How to Join:

BanditoDAO members meeting specific ownership requirements can join Bandito Stables. Various payment options include non-refundable blocks, horses, and foal membership payments.

Soul Dogs City


Soul Dogs City (SDC) faced challenges due to the departure of its founders. Under new leadership, the DAO aims to build a stable by reducing its collection through community participation. They plan to offer discounts on Stud usage, horse purchases, course access, and potential merch funds reinvested in PFL.


“The plan is to create the Stable and get some PFP.”

How to Join:

Community members can participate by burning two dogs with one house for a Stable pass. Profits from the stable will be distributed among holders.

Dandies NFT


Dandies NFT, led by the owner and @TheGentlemonke, is building a stable with community involvement. They have invested their money and seek motivated individuals to help run the stable.


“Dandies is in the top 50 all-time volume and Solana, and we aren't going anywhere.”

How to Join:

Dandies NFT encourages motivated individuals to help run the stable as they get it off the ground. Contact them on Twitter to learn more. 

Elon Stables


Elon Stables focuses on virtual horse racing enthusiasm, aiming to grow into one of the most luxurious and profitable stables in PFL. Members can join by purchasing NFTs on the secondary market. The stable offers various roles, such as Stable Manager, to engaged members. Elon Stables highlights a 1000% profit increase since Season 1.


“Our goal is to grow our stable into one of the most luxurious and profitable in the game of Photo Finish™ Live.”

How to Join:

To join, purchase one of their NFTs on the secondary market via Magic Eden and connect with them on Discord. Members may have the chance to take on roles and directly influence the stable's strategy and progress.

Brewed Bones


Brewed Bones claimed their goal is a “slow and steady” mint with the mission to onboard projects and communities not currently in the Photo Finish ecosystem and assist them with setting up their community stables.


“We intend to grow through partnerships with these different communities, allowing members to buy into these other communities to be a part of those respective community stables.”

How to Join:

Step one is to become a member of the Brewed Bones community here. After that, the community will guide you in their Discord.