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How to Register for the Rookie Rally Series

Introducing the Rookie Rally race series — a new initiative aimed at kickstarting newcomers' Photo Finish™ legacy by welcoming stables at the door with a free entry race.

Here's how you can turn your first foray into Photo Finish™ into an opportunity to test drive your new horse for free while at the same time scoring some additional stable start-up capital.

Step 1: Purchase a Horse

To be a rookie, your first step is getting in the game! Grab your first PFL horse and ensure it is your first Photo Finish™ racing season. 

You may race other horses during the season, but ensure you've never raced before attempting to enter a Rookie Rally race.

Step 2: Join Discord

Once you've purchased a racehorse, head to Discord and receive your ‘Rookie Rally' role, giving you access to the rr-chat channel.

To reference all the upcoming Rookie Rally races, visit the rr-season-info channel.

Once you join the channel, fill out the Rookie Rally Race Form that will guide you step-by-step through eligibility and how to enter. 

With four races lined up for the season, pick the one that best suits your new horse and racing style.

Rookie Rally Rules

Each season, you're eligible to enter one Rookie Rally race. Once you've showcased your skills in the Rookie Rally race, we'll bid you farewell from that particular channel.

To guarantee a competitive field, races with fewer than six entrants will be rescheduled to the following week, allowing for more participants to join in the excitement. Please note that if you miss entering a race during the season you acquired your horse, you won't be eligible for future races.

Lastly, as the season concludes, those still holding the “Rookie Rally” role will gracefully part ways with it, clearing the way for new rookies the following season.

That's it! The Rookie Rally series is now open, so grab a horse and race it for free with real money on the line!