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Crown Weekly: Season 7 Juiced

The first leg of Season 7 is in the books, and what an eventful one it was.

From announcing exciting additions to the racing schedule to reaching major milestones, it’s hard to believe how much can happen in a single week of Photo Finish™ fun.

Season 7 feels like one we’ll come to remember. Let’s look back at the Cliff Notes from its first week.


Huge news from the bullish milestones department — the Photo Finish™ LIVE in-game marketplace has surged past the $2,000,000 mark in total horse sales since its launch in April.

This remarkable milestone reflects the immense popularity and success of a game built to last and the vibrant community that has rallied around it.

We’re nowhere near done. We’re just getting started.

Big Sales

Photo Finish™ sales bot go burrrrrrr! 

Speaking of big in-game marketplace sales, quite a few big sales popped up in the sales-bot channel in PFL Discord, highlighted by this legendary transaction between YSM Racing and Pocono. 

Over the past few days, double-digit sales have exceeded the 500,000 $DERBY mark, as the saying goes – probably something. 

Want to see all the most recent racehorse sales? Bookmark this page where every in-game sale can be found.

Season 7 Updates

Season 7 of Photo Finish™ LIVE is well upon us, and with its majestic presence and your valued feedback, we"ve made significant changes to the racing schedule.

The mantra this season is MORE.


Want to learn more about everything new in Season 7? Head to the community blog, where we have it all covered.

Account Verification & You

Third Time Games CEO and Founder Ian Cummings gave the community an important update this week about future KYC implementations that intertwine with several important subjects to the game’s future. 

If you missed Cummings" thoughts on account verification, read his entire blog.

‘Zero to Hero’

Photo Finish™ LIVE virtual horse racing has many paths to success, not all requiring a huge budget. And one determined player, Lean Stables, has launched a content series to prove it.

This past week, we chatted with Lean Stables about his ‘Zero to Hero" YouTube series focused on teaching players how to turn a $100 bill into, well, more 100 dollar bills if they stick to the game plan he outlines.

Photo Finish™ Explainer

Ever wanted to explain Photo Finish™ to a friend but aren"t sure where to start? That"s what YouTube is for! 

A new, well-done overview of Photo Finish™ from @CryptoTubeYT popped up on YouTube last week, and it"s the perfect under-20-minute bite-sized video to share.

Third Time Championship

Season 7 is off to a dope start for DeStables! 

On Saturday, The DeGods racing DAO and its racehorse, The Downgrade (depending on who you ask!) took home the first-ever Three-Year-Old $2,000 Third Time Championship.

Massive W, team. 

A reminder — qualifier races for this week’s Major Series race, the Harbor Classic, are already in full swing, with the top 20 horses on the leaderboard participating in the $2,000 free entry race. Get a jump on the leaderboard by entering your horse in a qualifier today!