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Beginner's Guide to Photo Finish™ LIVE Third-Party Tools

Even the greatest games are ultimately judged by those who play them, talk about them, and share with others what they find most compelling and interesting and why spending their valuable free time playing them is advantageous.

But in a Web3 gaming world, players do more than talk about what a gaming company has built; they build alongside them, layering on top tools and analytics that level up the game.

Photo Finish™ has a growing group of community members turned third-party tool savants that make the game better and, more importantly, make players better at the game.

You'll want to know about these folks if you're new here. Here is a Beginner's Guide to Photo Finish™ Third-Party Tools.



GAP offers a comprehensive suite of tools and reports for both casual and advanced players of Photo Finish™. Leveraging deep analytics and unique algorithms, the platform provides rankings across grades, ages, and distances, aiding users in identifying top racers and optimal stable placements. 

Key features include Time and Fleet Figure rankings, stud finders, market sales analytics, claimer race data, $CROWN yield analytics, valuation tools, in-breeding reports, and other deep data insights. 

GAP aims to empower users to make informed decisions for their virtual stables. Additionally, the website hosts an active Discord server, offering a supportive community and a channel for users to seek advice from experienced players and suggest new tools for the site. 

All services are provided free of charge to contribute to the thriving PFL ecosystem.

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MJ Informatics offers a range of free tools designed to enhance strategy and performance in Photo Finish™. The platform covers various aspects, including racing, wagering, buying, and breeding. 

Key features include Horse Power for in-depth horse analysis, Horse Power Comparison for evaluating a field of horses, Claiming Corral for identifying available horses in claiming races, Horse Hub for sorting and filtering horses on the market, Breed Barn for breeding analysis, and Breederboard for assessing the performance of Dams and Sires. 

The tools provide comprehensive insights, including race history, speed, fleet figures, etc. Regular updates and new features are introduced to adapt to the evolving game ecosystem. 

Additionally, users can engage in advanced data analytics and discussions through the “Across the Board” sessions every Wednesday on Twitch.

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PFL DRF is dedicated to providing classic past performance racing forms akin to real-life horse racing. This is for you if you've ever played the ponies at the real tracks.

The site scans Photo Finish™ for races with open pick windows and generates race forms, aiming to facilitate the betting aspect of the PFL ecosystem. Plans include allowing players to create forms for any race on demand.

PFL DRF brings a traditional handicapping approach to Photo Finish, enhancing the betting experience with familiar racing forms and facilitating informed wagers.

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